Finger Healing Meditation

Finger Healing Jnana Mudra – On The Top Of The Rockies

Finger Healing Jnana Mudra
Finger Healing Jnana Mudra

Dr. Kilstein on meditation retreat in Montana. - grinning and doing a variation of the Jnana Mudra

Here’s a picture of Dr. Kilstein right at the continental divide in Montana.  The finger healing Jnana Mudra is a mudra of knowledge.

Here’s what wikipedia says about it

Finger Healing Jnana Mudra

Jnana Mudrā

The Jñana mudrā (“mudrā of knowledge”) is done by touching the tips of the thumb and the index together, forming a circle, and the hand is held with the palm inward toward the heart.


I have been teaching and studying the finger healing jnana mudra (and many other mudras too) for many years now.

It is quite remarkable what such a simple gesture can do when it’s combined with just the right meditation technique.

You can learn more by clicking here for my free finger healing mudra course.

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1 Comment

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