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Five Great Ways to Meditate


1359481446836_breathingClarity, perhaps, is the most important benefit of meditation. With clarity comes peace of mind and wisdom. It will even help in clearing your health problems. You may do it on a regular basis, or you can do whenever things get too stressful and you simply need to take a break from it all. In any case, there are certain ways that can maximize the effectiveness of your meditation practice. Here’s how to meditate in five ways:

  1. Pick your spot. It would be preferable for you to meditate in the same spot every time. It can be done on your bed, or on a clear spot where there are little distractions. You can also lie down in a couch or on a mat. It would also be good to place candles or incense, and listen to meditative music in the spot to put you in a meditative mood.
  2. Find the best time. Aside from meditating in the same location, you might also want to solidify your habit of meditation by finding a time that works for you. You can do it at the start of the day to set your mood for the entire day. You can also meditate in the evening, which will make you more grateful before you go to sleep. Whatever time you pick, make sure that nobody distracts you.
  3. Experiment with different techniques. There are varied meditation techniques, fro simply concentrating on your breathing to visualization. Another technique is connecting with your spirit guide. Every once in a while, it wouldn’t hurt to vary your technique. For one, you might want to stare at the flame of a candle, and observe how it gracefully moves. Another technique is to listen to music, which will definitely have an effect on your state. Automatic writing will also get you in a meditative state. Simply immerse yourself in writing, and ask questions that you’ve always asked and write down the answers as they come.
  4. Achieve some target goals. The goals for meditation are varied: inner peace, mental clarity, and positive vibes are some of them. Whenever you’re about to immerse yourself in meditation, think about you goal and how your meditation can best achieve it.
  5. Experiment with other positions. You may be comfortable with your choice of position, but aside from that, you might want to try different positions as well, such as sitting down, lying, or standing. You can even do it while exercising! Meditation is an exciting enough field, so don’t be afraid to try out different things every once in a while.

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