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Five Tips to help you Ease your Pain


shoulder-pain-meditation-500pxDealing with pain can be really tough. It not only affects you physically, it also demands to be felt mentally and emotionally. Using meditation techniques to alleviate your pain can be very powerful and is proven to be effective. It requires patience and continuous practice but the benefits you’ll realize in the end are surely worth it. Check out these tips that can help you manage your pain:

Tip # 1. Don’t run away from it.

Acceptance is the first step to healing. Do not ignore it as it will only demand more attention. Remove your walls and allow yourself to feel it. Choose to be vulnerable. This can be incredibly hard as your natural reaction would be to find an escape from it. Breathing concentration techniques can help you in this process.

Consider pain as a collection of physical sensations rather than as a single overwhelming force. Think of it as detaching yourself from the pain and simply observing it as it is. This gives you a certain level of awareness and control over your emotions and feelings. Instead of being overcome by thoughts about pain, you are able to stay above it.

Tip # 2. Keep your thoughts in check.

Be aware of your thoughts. If you find your self wandering about past regrets or the uncertainty of the future, stop and bring yourself back to the present. Pointless worry will result to nothing as it will only give you more negative emotions.

However, don’t mistake this as an advice to stop caring. Just don’t allow yourself to be completely consumed by your thoughts and emotions.

Tip # 3. Appreciate the little things.

Distract yourself. Once you have managed to accept your aches and bring your mind back to the present, you can start looking at the beautiful things in life. You can discover simple joys just by appreciating nature or other simple gestures of concern.  Focus on these sensations of happiness, no matter how small, when you are experiencing pain. Allow yourself to experience both and learn as much as you can when these moments pass.

Tip # 4. Love yourself.

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Be kind and gentle. Hating yourself or blaming anyone does not solve any problem nor does it make the pain go away. Having a gentle and an open heart allows you to focus your energy on the positives rather than on the negatives. It opens you to becoming more sensitive to the tiny joys in life. Relax and appreciate.

Tip # 5. Be positive.

Always maintain a happy attitude and choose to be proactive. Be a victor, not a victim. You can’t control everything that happens to you but can certainly control what you will do about them. Since you are already aware that your pain will not magically go away, then why deprive yourself of feelings of happiness? Nothing is stopping you from enjoying and living your life to its fullest.

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