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A Free and Easy Guided Meditation for Anxiety

Rodrigo Tarraza

Today’s generation sure is very busy, and everything is moving so fast. If you are determined to catch up and keep your pace in the society, you must push yourself really hard. That’s why stress and anxiety is not a surprising issue because it’s part in experiencing these in such times when you have to wake up really early to meet the 7 am call-time; run errands for grumpy bosses; stay up all night to finish a paperwork; and simply learning how to get on the wagon with other people is enough to cause stress and anxiety.

Always remember that you have to have time for yourself no matter how busy you become. Set a schedule where in you forget about all the problems and make yourself happy. Relax even just for a day. That is why we are offering a simple meditation exercise from our best teachers which will surely help you battle anxiety and stress.

This guided meditation for anxiety makes emphasis on the beautiful and calming rhythms by master flautist and meditation teacher Rodrigo Tarraza, who used an Indian Bamboo Flute for the exercise. In this guide, you will learn to let go of everything – your fears, your problems, all those heavy thoughts infesting you; and just focus as you suddenly feel like dissolving; the music gently channeling your still, calm center, and clears your mind.


If you are still uncertain about the effectiveness of meditation to decrease levels of stress and anxiety, meditation has some other benefits aside from reducing stress, depression and pain, such as its power to help a person strengthen his way of focusing, and increase levels of creativity.

Wondering what this guided meditation has to offer? It involves deep relaxation, proper ways of relieving stress, mind expansion, a rejuvenated body-mind connection, the experience of time slowing down, the soul empowerment that comes from an effective and undisturbed meditation, and most importantly, the joy and ease of being.

Just to create further introduction about or master flautist and meditation teacher, Rodrigo Tarraza, he is part of a group of musicians from around the world who specializes in Baroque Transverse Flute. Honed his skills at the Royal Conservatory, The Hague, with Barthold Kujiken, a Belgian flautist and recorder player known for playing baroque music on authentic instruments; and has already performed both as a soloist and a chamber musician in a number of countries. Tarraza also performs for the internationally acclaimed Jazz-Fusion band, Unfulfilled Desires with his Flute, Saxophone, and Electric Wind Instrument.

Regarding his spiritual and meditating practices; Tarazza has been in this field for almost 30 years already, and he was a student of spiritual teacher Andrew Cohen. He also studied Indian Classical Music, mentored by the world-renowned master of the North Indian Bamboo Flute, Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia, during his stay in India. After all his studies, Rodrigo Tarraza decided to do lectures on Spiritual Transcendence in Music for ages. At present, he shares his guided meditations and meditation music for

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