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There are few world figures from the 20th Century as respected and loved as Mahatma Gandhi.  The house where he lived in South Africa is being restored so that visitors can experience his simple lifestyle, his philosophy, and even practice the same meditation techniques as the great founder of the modern state of India.

VISITORS to Satyagraha Guest House in Orchards will experience Mahatma Gandhi’s philosophy of simple living.

Eric Itzkin

Eric Itzkin, the City’s deputy director for immovable heritage

They will be able to meditate with no distraction from television sets or any other form of “noisy” entertainment. They will, however, be invited to read a good book from the well-stocked library, or study the onsite exhibition.Only vegetarian food will be served.

Restoration of the house, and construction of new buildings will be wrapped up early June but the guest house will only be opened to the public in early October, according to the City’s deputy director for immovable heritage, Eric Itzkin.

He says the guest house will have lots of antique furniture, with some pieces collected in South Africa, some imported from India, and a bit of French flavour. The furnishings will be adopted from the early 20th century, even though not all of it will necessarily be originals.

Once complete, there will be eight rooms, each with a separate identity to honour Gandhi and his associates.

Would you be interested in visiting the South African home of Ghandi and practicing your meditation techniques there?   Ghandi was a life-long meditator, who practiced the most spare, simple, and basic techniques of meditation throughout his long and accomplished life.

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