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Get In Touch With Your Creative Self Through Meditation


1363194288542_writing-meditationWhere are our creative thoughts when we need them? Why can’t we just summon them whenever we want to? As you search for answer, there’s one that you might not have thought of before: meditation.

While most psychologists refer to one’s creativity as a presence that resides in the “conscious” and “subconscious”,  that’s not exactly the case in meditation—where there’s only one mind, where creativity lies.

We may not be aware of these creative thoughts at the moment, but they manifest from the same source where our conscious thoughts do. And the reason why we don’t have these creative and inspiring thoughts don’t come as often as we want them to is that your mind is not constantly moving. We get so caught up in out busy lives and immerse ourselves too much in the ripples of our mind—so much so that we forget to just be calm and still. Think of it this way: the calmer the water, the clearer your reflection will be. And then you can see the mind’s most brilliant and poignant thoughts.

Get In Touch With Your Creative Self Through Meditation

So, moments of downtime in the day, like taking a shower or stroll, can help to showcase why many great ideas wait until then to arise. It simply reflects a slowing down of mind-traffic, and therefore greater clarity and headspace. But there is something else happening in these moments too: An absence of effort, an absence of trying and absence of doing. We are so used to “doing” things, that the mind can become very narrow, very limited. It loses the spacious quality from which creative thoughts manifest.

So, when we allow the mind to wander off in situations like taking a shower, it’s a bit like taking the mind off the leash, and it begins to behave very differently. The only downside with this approach is that we can’t guarantee when the next flash of inspiration will come.  (More here)

The secret, really, is to train the mind, carve out a space where creativity can reside. Our creativity already resides in us, all that we need to do is learn how to be familiar and how to make it appear whenever we want to. So, before you get caught up in the humdrum of life, remember to just be still, and take a breath. Your creativity will then come rushing in.

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