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Get Your Sleep On With Meditation


Need some help sleeping? Meditation can help in a safe and quick way!

Since one of the main purposes of meditation is to help you become more calm and peaceful, it would make sense that it also helps you to sleep better.  So many people have trouble getting a good night’s sleep these days, and it is no wonder.  Our busy and hectic lives mean that at any given moment we can have a ton of information circulating through our heads.

With meditation, we have an opportunity to control these thoughts in a way that is safe and simple.  When practiced regularly, it can help us to balance our physical, emotional and mental state by allowing us focus on the present moment and let go of worrying about the past or the future.  Meditation does this by calming your mind.  This is the part that so many people struggle with…as they begin to meditate, they are often surprised at how much chatter is going on inside their heads!

Get Your Sleep On With Meditation

One novice meditator found this to be the case when he signed up for a local class on meditation. On the first night of instruction, he was told to lie on the floor and simply pay attention to his breathing for ten minutes. He thought to himself, “That’s it? That’ll be easy.” He closed his eyes and, within seconds, it was like someone had pushed the play button on his mental VCR. Work hassles, bills, errands, plots from TV programs, and more ran through his mind like an old silent film set on fast-forward. By the time the ten minutes had elapsed, he felt more tense than when he started.

But the experience gave him a clue about why he was having so much trouble falling asleep at night and why he felt so uptight and hurried all the time.  (Read more here)

Any of that sound familiar?  Learning to focus your thoughts and calm your mind has many physical benefits, one of which is a deeper and more refreshing night of sleep.  It doesn’t end there though!  With a good, restful night of sleep your day ends up going much better as well.  Meditation takes practice and will likely not come easy at first, but with a lowered blood pressure and lowered stress hormone levels it is worth it to practice meditation during the day to refresh you and at night to help you slip into some really beautiful sleep!


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