How To Meditate

Go Hide in the Bathroom: Frazzled Moms Find Time for Mini Meditation Moments


This article talks about how to handle the crazy life of raising children, before the stress gets out of hand, moms need to take a time out. Get three really good tips for relieving stress, and some ideas for meditation techniques you can use around the kids.

You can meditate with your kids. You just have to ignore them. Erin Shelton It is Mother’s Day and while many of us will be the recipients of spa days and massages, those brief escapes from reality are quickly forgotten in the fray.

There is no more difficult job than raising children. It requires you to have yourself together at all times so you can make good decisions and be a solid role model. That’s great, except no one tells you how stressful it is and how some days will feel like torture and it will not be sunshine and lollipops every day.

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