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Goldie Hawn Can Teach My Kid Meditation Techniques Anytime??

This article does not ask the question “Should meditation techniques be taught in schools? It does not even ask if children as young as 6 yrs old should be taught meditation? It is definitly tempting to say “Yes, if it helps the kids” but I suggest you think again. Just because we know and love Goldie Hawn doesn’t mean that this should be welcomed into classrooms automatically.

Basically, Hawn’s foundation wants to teach kids how to meditate. And New York state is getting behind this movement, so New Yorkers, get ready for your kids to ommmm all the way home. I’ve always been a big fan of meditation, and those moments when my

With all the controversy over church and state It’s very important here to distinguish a simple breathing awareness technique and a Buddhist meditation technique. Many say prayer is a form of meditation. Where do you go with that? How wide open do you want to go with teaching meditation techniques in schools?


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