Meditation Tips

A Guide to Deepening Your Meditation


1400095661179_deep-meditationWhether you are a newbie to meditation or you’ve been practicing the art for quite some time, there would always be those moments when, even if you feel relaxed and concentrated, you don’t feel ‘deep’ enough. However, there are some tips which would make your everyday meditation session much better.

1.                  Relax

Start off with the basics. Get down on a comfortable position and close your eyes. Loosen up your muscles and start to build a rhythmic breathing pattern. You can light a few scented candles or play ambient music to help create a meditative atmosphere.

2.                  Focus on a Mantra

Try to concentrate on an inspirational passage and try to absorb the words. Drive them deeper and deeper into your heart and try to live them out. The goal is to absorb and become what you meditate on. For starters, you can reflect on St. Francis of Assissi’s prayer.

3.                  Meditation is Fuel

The peace and relaxation attained through meditation is only part of the progress. Your everyday meditation sessions would be the force that would drive you through your daily grind. The real progress is spreading the peace through your interactions.

4.                  Become What You Meditate On

Get rid of destructive and non-peaceful habits and routines that you may have unconsciously formed. Do not let your meditation go to waste by letting negativity take over. Little by little, try to change the way that you think and act.

5.                  Meditation Does Not Stop

The calm and peace brought about by a meditative state should continue through even after your session. When you open your eyes and get up, face the world with a lot of peace and positivity.

You can continue with your meditation even without your eyes closed and without you having to sit in a lotus position. If you are able to hold back negativity even when things go awry and pressure builds up, you are still practicing the art of meditation.

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