How To Meditate

The Guided Forgiveness Meditation



Do you hold a grudge against someone? Has someone wronged you in a way that you cannot just overlook? Have injured someone with your words? Or worse, did you neglect to take care of them, when you should have?

So much hurt can be piled up in your body, and dealing with all these negative feelings can lead to self-resentment and guilt. Simply dismissing and shelving these emotions will do no good for you, although it’s easy to do so. Confronting these emotions is difficult, but meditation can help you sort out your emotions, and ask forgiveness where it is due, and forgive and let go of your grudge.

This audio clip, roughly 12 minutes long, will allow you to open your mind, to realize the errors of your ways, and, ultimately, to ask for forgiveness. Lowering your pride is not an easy task, but this guided forgiveness meditation will allow you to gather the strength to finally ask, and give, forgiveness.

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