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Guided Meditation Techniques For Beginners

meditation techniques for mindfulness

guided meditation techniques for beginners

Guided meditation techniques for beginners can be very helpful in relieving stress and worry

Guided meditation techniques for beginners are the most requested meditation techniques on this website.

This article by Kala Ambrose, writing in The Huffington Post presents a really nice introduction to what you should expect as a beginner looking into guided meditations.

Exploring Guided Meditations

For many people, guided meditations are a wonderful way to meditate. Simply choose the meditation that appeals to you and enter into the journey. Guided meditations allow your mind to focus on particular images, and mentally travel to exotic locations, allowing for creative visualization.

There are hundreds of guided meditations available, including ones that focus on specific problems as well as others that simply chant a peaceful message with music. Some days though, you’re so busy that you don’t have enough time for a 30-minute guided meditation, but you still would like to meditate for a few minutes to center yourself and relax. This can be achieved by creating a sacred space using visualization meditation. The only tool needed is your imagination! Follow these simple steps:

Creative Visualizations and Sacred Space

Athletes are taught to visualize an outcome that makes them happy. They close their eyes and see themselves winning the race and imagine the feeling they will have during the event. This same technique can be used for your meditation. A very empowering way to stimulate the energy is to design a mental sacred space using your imagination. This space becomes your private retreat and sanctuary, where you can return to and visualize often in your mind while meditating.

As you begin to meditate, picture a peaceful scene that you find relaxing. Perhaps it’s the beach or a mountaintop or a lush garden. Build the scene in your mind, adding beautiful details so that it’s a warm and welcoming space for you to visit in your mind during your meditation.

If you find a garden to be calming, create a bench where you will sit in the garden. See a grove of trees surrounded by flowers blooming in multitudes of color. Listen for the sound of birds chirping, and notice the soft breeze blowing through the trees. Tilt your head back and feel the warmth of the sun on your face. Breathe in slow and deep and exhale fully, releasing the air from deep within you. In this imaginary garden of your making, slip your shoes off and sink your feet deep into the soft grass, flexing your toes.

As you breathe in again deeply, take notice of the flowers as their fragrance fills the air. Relax and spend some time in your garden, enjoying the sights, scents and sounds of nature.

Now if you wish, while in your garden you can let go of whatever is troubling you. You may choose to invite someone to sit with you on the bench, who will listen as you share your thoughts and concerns. You might create a lake around the garden or a waterfall, and as you swim, you release all of your cares into the water and watch as they float away. Perhaps a pet from your childhood joins you in the garden and you spend time playing with them and forgetting your concerns of the day.
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Are you a beginner looking for guided meditations?  Is there some specific area that you would like guided meditations to help you deal with?  Weight loss?  Pain?  Stress?  Worry? Are you fighting some kind of disease or disorder?  Guided meditations for beginners are a perfect way to deal with these issues.

If you are, please leave a comment below.  Also, if you have taught beginners to meditate, I’d love for you to share your experience!




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