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Guided Meditation Techniques For Well Being Improves Many Parts Of Your Life

meditation techniques for enlightenment
guided meditation techniques for well being

Guided meditation techniques for well being can improve every aspect of you life

Are you looking for guided meditation techniques for well being? There is a good chance it might just improve every aspect of your life?

David Dike discovered how to feel vibrant and energized.  His story of healing frames this article by Courtenay Perks that first appeared in the Orange County Register.  You can read his story below….

Dr. Roger Walsh, a UCI psychiatrist and philosopher, said scientists are confirming what sages have known for years: Meditation works.

“There’s growing evidence that our contemporary lifestyle and our digital immersion are exacting a price on our brains, and our psyches and ourselves,” Walsh said. “Meditation and other therapeutic lifestyle changes are really needed in a way they’ve never been needed before.”

The benefits are as varied as the types of meditation, which can be found in spiritual practices of every major religion from Buddhism to Christianity. A recent study published in the journal Psychological Science found that meditation improved sustained concentration on a mental task. Researchers at Harvard Medical School scanned the brains of 16 people who had never tried meditation and then again after they completed an eight-week course. Scientists found increased gray matter in the areas that regulate learning, memory and regulation of emotion.

In addition to physical changes, Walsh said meditation helps cultivate empathy and greater sensitivity.

“One interesting study that just came out showed that advanced meditators were able to pick subtle emotions more quickly and effectively than the previous record holders, which were people trained in the CIA,” Walsh said. Read the original article here

People come to meditation for many reasons.  Often there is some emotional or physical problem that needs to be resolved.  Few people first take up guided meditation technique for well being.  That is simply too much of a “big picture” for most people to see.

But large increases in your general sense of well being and quality of life are indeed what meditators most report and the single biggest benefit they get.

What are you looking for?  Is there a specific challenge you are facing?  Please share your wants, desires, and experiences with us in th comment area below.

Our most trusted resource for guided meditation techniques for well being is this wonderful package by Jack Kornfield.

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