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Guided Mindfulness Meditation Technique

Guided mindfulness meditation technique with Jim Arthur

Jim Arthur has been teaching meditation and other mind-based personal change techniques since 1982.

Here’s a wonderful FREE Guided Mindfulness Meditation Technique.


Finding Your Edge:
Guided Mindfulness Meditation

This is a body-centered mindfulness meditation from Susan Morales.

You can do it right now…it’s only 5 minutes long, though the music will play for 10 minutes if you wish to continue longer.

Sit up with good, comfortable posture, listen with headphones or through your computer speakers…. click the play button below, close your eyes, and just follow along.

Most people, when considering how to choose a meditation technique, discover that following ” The Edge Of Your Breath” can be wonderfully expansive and refreshing.

Ten forms of mindfulness meditation

In the Āgamas of early Buddhism, there are ten forms of mindfulness. According to the Ekottara Āgama, these ten are:[17]

  1. Mindfulness of the Buddha
  2. Mindfulness of the Dharma
  3. Mindfulness of the Saṃgha
  4. Mindfulness of giving
  5. Mindfulness of the heavens
  6. Mindfulness of stopping and resting
  7. Mindfulness of discipline
  8. Mindfulness of breathing
  9. Mindfulness of the body
  10. Mindfulness of death


What is Mindfulness

Mindfulness meditation is moment to moment awareness. It is being fully awake. It involves being here for the moments of our lives, without striving or judging.

You have felt it. Let’s explore one of those times now. Remember doing something you really, really enjoyed. . . . . . . . Really. Stop reading this and close your eyes and take a few moments to remember that time right now. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . How did you feel as you recalled it? Did you notice there was little room left for distracting thoughts or feelings? Bringing our fullness of attention into anything is mindfulness. You step fully into the moment. There is a sense of completeness, of enough-ness. These are the moments of our lives when we feel most at home.

Mindfulness involves a formal practice and an informal practice. In formal practice we take time for sitting meditation or mindful movement practices like walking meditation or yoga or chi gong. Informal practice is a way of life in which we meditate as we do what we do. It involves being present IN the moments of our lives. As one Los Vegas casino warned, “YOU MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN”. That’s it! You must be present to love, or experience peace, or joy, or contentment. When you are here you can have the experience of your life. Mindfulness involves being in each moment as it is without judgment or striving and having a kind of releasement towards things. It’s a relaxed state of awareness that observes both your inner world of thoughts, feelings and sensations, and the outer world of constantly changing phenomena without trying to control anything. original here

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