How To Meditate

Help Your Kids Deal With Fear



This is a great, relaxing and calming meditation for children.  It is very short, which is not only a great introduction for kids, but can help those brand new to meditation as well.

You may have kids in your life that are feeling a bit anxious due to the event in Connecticut and the resulting media coverage.  Please limit your children’s exposure to the news coverage of it, as that will not serve you or your child.  Help them to stay calm and feel safe by letting them know that you are here for them and will do all you can to keep them safe.  Then, go through the above meditation with them and find the peace that lives within.

From this place of peace, help your child to remember this feeling of lightness whenever they start to feel anxious about anything.  Introducing meditation to your children is a gift.  Help them to deal with fear and anxiety by meditating together and tapping into your own control over your emotions and helping them do the same.

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