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Helpful and Effective Tips for a Great Meditation


1401394511312_meditateMeditation, like working out at the gym, is much better when you do it only for a short period of time with intense concentration. If you’ve done it well, you will surely take advantage of its positive effects when you do it the next time. Here are some tips to help you have a great and effective meditation:

Maintaining Good Posture

Keep your proper spine alignment by sitting straight – not too slouched nor stiff. This will help you breath easily and would let the blood flow freely. Lesser muscles move when you sit properly, so make sure you sit upright.

You can meditate on couches or beds, or sit in a chair with no back support (making sure you sit upright). You can also lie down on your yoga mat, but make sure you don’t sleep through the process.

Most of the time, your hands are placed on your thighs as you meditate, but there are many other “mudras” (hand positions) that you can choose from. You can try placing your dominant palm up your lap then place your other palm on top of it, and gently touch the thumbs and keep them together.

Soulful Intentions

In meditation, you take on the journey to rediscovering yourself. To effectively do so, forget all your troubles and worries. For a great meditation, you will need to drop everything that you’re doing or thinking.

Silence your thoughts. This can be really frustrating but once you are able to identify your thought pattern, your way to self-discovery is good to go. Intend to closely observe what’s going on inside you. All you need to do is observe. There is no wrong or right way, just make sure that you are aware of your inner workings.

Pick your focal point

Focal points are everywhere, may it be an object, an idea, a mantra, good music or even the sound of you breathing. If you are fixated at something, you can effectively master yourself.

All you need to do is to command your brain to be still. Get rid of your thoughts that stress you out. Breath continuously at a steady pace and you’ll notice that your silence is lengthened and you’ll be getting it more often.

Practice makes perfect

Set aside some time for meditation and incorporate it into your daily routine. Doing it right after you wake up once you’ve set aside some time for it is a peaceful way to kickstart your day.

You can utilize meditation even under the most stressful situations, this gets you in a really meditative disposition, and it gives you enough time to gather your thoughts and think of intelligent responses.

Once you have mastered your own thoughts, and how to effectively control them, you will be able to make sound choices and have what you want in your life.

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