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Here’s a Meditation Technique to Attract Wealth


1386017616005_meditation-for-wealthIs there somehow a link between money and meditation? The connection seems impossible, but, believe it or not, linking the two can make sense. The technique is especially important if you feel as if you need to invite wealth in your life. Devised by Anmol Mehta finds inspiration in Kundalini Yoga and Yoga Philosophy, making use of sound and thought vibration (power of mantra), hand positions (yoga mudras), ad breath control techniques (pranayama) to fulfil your ultimate  purpose. It also makes use of different body techniques to optimize the benefits of this technique. All you need is a stop watch or an alarm clock.

What are the benefits of this meditation technique?

Perhaps the primary and most important benefit is that it will attract money, wealth, and prosperity into your life. By making use of the Energy of the Infinite, you can attract gifts and blessings to your life. How is this possible, you ask? By expanding and strengthening your energetic body and nervous system, you will overcome whatever fears you have in your mind, you will overcome your insecurities and allow you to be more courageous, until you finally go for what you really want.

What should you not do?

The technique focuses a lot on pranayama, or breath control. This means that you should not strain yourself and build the time up for this method. Forcing yourself will only defeat the precise purpose of this technique. Rather, you should be gentle, moving forward with this technique with a calm in your mind.

How should you practice this technique?

After setting your alarm for 1 to 11 minutes, you should sit with your legs crossed. You should elongate your spine and fully align it with your neck. First, take slow and deep breaths through your nose for five times. Then, place your left hand in a Yoga Gyan Mudra position (with your index finger and thumb tips meeting each other, while 3 fingers are pointed straight). Your left arm must be extended upwards at a 60-degree angle, with your palm facing towards you. Your right hand, which is in Yoga Surya Mudra (with the ring finger and thumb tips meeting each other, while the 3 fingers are pointing straight), must be bent, with the elbow beneath your lower ribs.

After assuming this elaborate position, gently close your eyes. Inhale and exhale completely, allowing your breath to leave your body. Pump your stomach and silently say HAR after each breath.

This technique may seem more complex than what you are used to do, but it will pay off. Over time you will find yourself gaining mastery over this technique and attracting wealth along the way.

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