How Dr. Dispenza’s Guided Meditation Will Change Your Future

Learn how Dr. Dispenza’s favorite meditation technique can help you create a new reality. This powerful practice, used by Dr. Dispenza himself, will guide you through visualizing and achieving the life you desire. Start your transformation today with the method that has changed countless lives.

For best results with the Joe Dispenza guided meditation below:

— wear headphones
– listen first thing in the morning
– listen regularly
– book mark this page to come back whenever you want

Key Points About Dr. Dispenza’s 15 minute guided meditation

  • Move into a new state of being, open your heart, and let your body respond to a new mind.
  • Become the Observer from a greater level of mind and let go of behaviors, experiences, and emotions that no longer serve you.
  • Whatever you broadcast into the field is your experiment with Destiny being defined by a vision of the future.
  • Instead of the memory of the past means that you’re ahead of your time take your hand and place it over your heart and in a moment take a breath and have compassion and care and kindness towards your beautiful self for a new life.

Future Self Visualization: A Detailed Guide by Dr. Dispenza

Step 1: Find Your Center

Sit comfortably in a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. Close your eyes and take a deep breath in through your nose. Feel the air fill your lungs and then slowly exhale through your mouth. With each breath, become more aware of the rhythm of your breathing. Inhale deeply again, and as you exhale, let your shoulders drop and your body relax into your seat.

Step 2: Focus on Your Throat

Gently move your attention to the center of your throat. Visualize this area as a calm and open space. Feel the energy around your throat, extending beyond your neck into the space around you. Imagine this energy as a soothing, warm light that envelops your throat, providing comfort and tranquility.

Step 3: Visualize Your Future

Think about a vision of the future that you desire. What does this future look like? Define it clearly in your mind. See the details, the colors, the environment. Imagine this potential future as a reality that already exists in the field of possibilities. Picture yourself living in this future. What are you doing? Who is with you? How do you feel?

Step 4: Invest in Your Future

Now, take that vision and invest your energy into it. Feel it becoming a part of you. Let the experience of this future create positive emotions within you. Imagine the joy, the excitement, and the fulfillment you will feel. Teach your body to feel these emotions now, as if your future is already happening. Allow these feelings to shift your state of being.

Step 5: Open Your Heart

Place your hand over your heart and breathe deeply. Open your heart to this new vision. Let your body respond to this new mindset. Step into that future with confidence. Imagine the actions you will take to bring this future to life. What experiences await you? How do they make you feel? Embrace these feelings and let them motivate you.

Step 6: Remind Yourself of the Past

Take a moment to reflect on who you no longer want to be. What thoughts and habits do you need to let go of? Become conscious of these old patterns and make a decision to release them. Identify the choices you will avoid and the behaviors you will no longer demonstrate. Stay away from experiences that do not serve your new vision. Observe these changes from a higher perspective.

Step 7: Reinforce Your Future

Once again, invest your energy into your future vision. Combine your clear intention with elevated emotions. Open your heart wider and change your energy. Remember, what you broadcast into the field shapes your destiny. Imagine your future self living this new life, feeling happy, fulfilled, and at peace.

Step 8: Embrace Compassion

Place your hand over your heart again. Take a deep breath and feel compassion, care, and kindness towards yourself. Acknowledge the beautiful journey you are on. Embrace the idea of creating a new life filled with love and positivity. Feel gratitude for this moment and the progress you are making.

Step 9: Return to the Present

Slowly bring your awareness back to the present moment. Feel your body sitting in the chair, the ground beneath your feet, and the air around you. Take another deep breath and gently wiggle your fingers and toes. When you are ready, slowly open your eyes and take in your surroundings. Feel refreshed and ready to embrace your day with a renewed sense of purpose.

Practicing this meditation regularly can transform each day and, ultimately, your life. Embrace this journey and watch your future unfold beautifully.

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