How Louise Hay’s Simple Morning Meditation Will Transform Your Day Instantly

Discover the hidden benefits of Louise Hay’s morning meditation.
Learn how her techniques of gratitude and positive thinking will lead to a more fulfilling and joyful day. Follow her steps to enhance your mornings and enrich your entire life

For best results with the Louise Hay Morning meditation below:

— wear headphones
– listen first thing in the morning
– listen regularly
– book mark this page to come back whenever you want

Key insights from this Louise Hay guided meditation

  • Every thought you think is creating your future, so make sure to fill your mind with positivity and hope.
  • Being thankful for the miracles in our everyday lives opens the way for the good to flow in in ever increasing abundance.
  • Bless the modern miracle of the plumbing system that removes waste products and provides hot and cold water so readily available to us.
  • Let us be thankful for the sunshine and the rain, without which the vegetation would die and we would have a barren planet without beauty or food.
  • Acknowledge the incredible ability to be able to get into a little metal tube that rises up in the sky and swiftly takes us to another place, it is one of our safest forms of transportation.
  • Our thoughts create our future, so we must choose to think loving, joyful, and peaceful thoughts to manifest the life we desire.
  • Forgiveness is the key to experiencing abundant good in every area of your life.
  • Embrace self-acceptance and approval, and be open to change and new experiences in life.

Morning Gratitude Meditation

Step 1: Embrace Positive Thoughts

Start your meditation by sitting comfortably and closing your eyes. Take a few deep breaths, inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth. Focus on choosing positive thoughts. Imagine releasing any negativity from your mind and body. Visualize yourself embracing the new day with a mindset focused on creating a better future. Let go of any worries or stress and feel the calmness settle within you.

Step 2: Express Gratitude for Miracles

Shift your focus to the miracles in your everyday life. Reflect on your body and all it does for you. Appreciate the simple joys you often take for granted, like the warmth of the sun, the beauty of nature, or a kind smile from a stranger. Feel a deep sense of gratitude for these blessings. Allow this gratitude to fill your heart and radiate throughout your entire being.

Step 3: Show Gratitude for Modern Conveniences

Now, think about the modern conveniences that make your life easier. Consider your appliances, your home, and other technological aids as extensions of yourself. Express gratitude and love towards them. Visualize sending positive energy to these objects, ensuring their smooth operation and longevity. Recognize how these conveniences contribute to your daily comfort and efficiency.

Step 4: Appreciate Forms of Transportation

Bring to mind the various forms of transportation that help you move through your day. Whether it’s your car, public transit, or even your bicycle, acknowledge their importance. Be grateful for the ability to travel and the opportunities it provides. Picture yourself traveling with ease and safety, feeling thankful for the mobility and freedom you have.

Step 5: Recognize Inner Power

Take a moment to recognize the power within you. Acknowledge your inner strength and the guidance it provides. Reflect on the everyday miracles that come from within you – your intuition, your wisdom, and your ability to lead your life. Feel a deep sense of gratitude for these internal resources and trust in your capacity to navigate life’s challenges.

Step 6: Nurture Your Body and Mind

Consider how you can nurture your body and mind. Plan to feed your body with natural, wholesome foods and engage in exercise that brings you joy. Choose positive, loving thoughts throughout the day. Visualize the universe guiding you towards your highest good and greatest joy. Feel the alignment of your mind and body as you commit to caring for yourself.

Step 7: Release Anger and Forgive

Focus on releasing any anger or resentment you may hold. Practice forgiveness towards yourself and others. Approach the day with love and the anticipation of abundant good. Visualize sending love ahead to all your encounters. Declare a day that is healthy, harmonious, loving, prosperous, and creative. Imagine these positive declarations unfolding as you move through your day.

Step 8: Affirm Self-Approval

Finally, affirm to yourself, “I approve of myself.” Remind yourself that whatever you give out returns to you. Fill your day with love, peace, new insights, unexpected prosperity, and great joy. Visualize a day where everything flows smoothly and you attract positive experiences and people.

By practicing this morning meditation regularly, you will transform each day, making your life better. Embrace the power of positive thoughts and gratitude to create the life you desire. Let this meditation be a daily ritual that brings you closer to your highest potential.

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