Meditation Techniques

How Yoga and Meditation Will Help Us Create a Brighter, Better …


I think the single most wonderful result of practicing meditation techniques is finding out that you have untapped potential for greatness. That when you meditate you learn to accept yourself and others and to imagine what you are capable of and expanding the love you feel for yourself and others. Love for others has the potential for transforming lives, it makes the world a better place.

by Christa Avampato If ever there was time in our history when the world needs every ounce of creativity from every corner, it’s now. Our environment,

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Yoga and meditation are linked in many ways. The peace and harmony that one feels when one meditates combines with the physical release of tension and other emotions to create mental and emotional healing. What ever is in need coming out, will find it’s way out much more easily if you quiet the churning thoughts in your mind.

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