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IBS Got You Down? These Meditation Techniques Worked!


Watch this short video to find out how meditation techniques are again being used to assist with health and wellness issues. What the latest study has shown is that women who suffer from IBS are stressed out and anxious much of the time. By giving them the tools to practice mindfulness meditation their bad bowel symptoms  got much better and they were able to heal.

“A new study from University of North Carolina researchers found that women with irritable bowel syndrome – or IBS – may find relief with mindfulness meditation. The study included 75 women with IBS, who were in their early 40s on average. …”

Over and over the studies show the benefits of  mindfulness meditation techniques. We hear that it reduces stress but don’t realize what that can mean for a person suffering from IBS! Because it doesn’t require taking any other medication there are no negative side effects or interactions to worry about.

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