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Keeping the Mind Quiet


1401394645492_meditateIn our fast and busy everyday lives, keeping your brain from tangling is such a hard thing to do.

You have almost everything to worry about, from the food that you’ll eat at breakfast, to the clothes that you’ll wear to work, to your daily commute, to work that you need to get done, to bills that you need to pay, to friends and family members that you need to get in touch with again. All of those keep your mind crowded, keeping you stressed and worried about pretty much every single aspect of your life.

So maybe, at times, when you sit down and meditate, you cannot focus, you cannot distance yourself from these worries that you end up meditating on the same things that stress you out. This doesn’t calm you down, and instead of feeling calm and rejuvenated, you end up thinking more about the things that trouble you so much.

Indian yogi, mystic, philanthropist, and author, Sadhguru has a few words of advice which could help you in quieting your mind.

There is no quiet mind

Putting this fact first on this list may make you think that this completely defeats the purpose of this whole article. But, it doesn’t. In fact, knowing that you have little to no chance of getting a quiet mind is a start.

Sadhguru says that no mind can be quiet when it is preoccupied with a lot of things. So many things that it clouds up your vision of what you really are, and instead of the mind being your mirror, merely reflecting your entire self, the mind becomes a speaker, putting in things that you shouldn’t need.

Identify with your real self

“The moment that you are identified with something that you are not, then mind is [sic] nonstop activity,” says Sadhguru. You are made to think that these things are a real part of you, blurring everything that you know between what is real and what is not.

Going back to our first point, the mind should be the mirror and not a speaker. Try and re-identify with your real self and cast away the things that shouldn’t be occupying your mind.

Distance yourself from your mind

As part of the process of re-identifying yourself, you would need first to distance yourself from your own thoughts. You need to be in a state of shanya (or emptiness) in order to completely remove yourself from your own mind, effectively quieting it while you meditate for a better and more peaceful you.

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