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Killing the Buddha – Zen Meditation Techniques


Don’t miss this article, it is a must read. Short on words but long on wisdom, you will gain more understanding of the purpose of meditation techniques and what you are actually trying to achieve. The wisdom doesn’t lie in the sitting meditation alone, you must integrate all that you learn into your LIFE.

Zen masters of the T’ang period like Ma-tsu (707–786) considered Mind to be the essence of all the Buddha’s teachings..

“Seated meditation, in other words, is not entirely adequate to reach the luminous substance of Mind this being the real goal of Zen.ᅠ Huai-jang pointed out the danger of relying on seated meditation when he said: If you make (yourself) a sitting Buddha this is precisely killing the Buddha.ᅠ If you adhere to the sitting position, you will not attain the principle of Zen.”

‘Killing the Buddha” means by restricting yourself to sitting meditation  and focusing only on how to do that correctly you restrict and limit your inner Buddha. Buddha used the meditation to center and align with all forces of energy but then took those lessons to heart and lived each moment with passion and peace. ᅠ

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