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Lady Gaga with David Letterman: What Kind of Meditation Technique Is That?


Lady Gaga one of the most controversial musicians of the modern era. Everything she does attracts attention especially her public appearances. Her appearances in public usually focus around her dress and entrance.  This year, her arrival and the Grammy Awards was no different.  She showed up in a huge transparant egg!  When she recently appeared on the David Letterman show, he asked her about the meaning behind the egg. Lady Gaga explained it was a metaphorical meditative device.

First and foremost, he wanted to know about the infamous egg (or “vessel,” as Gaga calls it) in which she arrived at the Grammys earlier this year. “It’s a place where I can meditate and experience rebirth, so I just get inside of it and close it, and then when I feel that I have been reborn spiritually, I just, whoo, come out,” she says.

And how long does that usually take? Letterman wonders. “It depends,” she says. “I just really believe that you can be reborn over and over and over again until you find that part of you that is the best you that you can be.”

Letterman also ticked off a list of other rumors about the singer (whose album “Born This Way” was released Monday), including whether she held a seance on to get rid of an irksome spirit and whether her infamous meat dress was preserved as jerky. He also asked, as you can see in the clip above, if it were true that she “once ate a Barbie doll’s head during a concert.”

“Yes, all the time,” is her reply — which leads, in the course of 30 seconds or so, to her wadding up a scrap of paper from Dave’s notes and eating that.

Of course, this makes me wonder what her infamous “meat” outfit was about.  Still Lady Gaga’s use of the egg as a meditative shell shows a deep thinker behind all of the controversy.

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