How To Meditate

Making Meditation Easy in 6 Steps


home-meditation.jpgMany people still find meditation an incredible challenge. Its benefit are manifold, from helping you think deeper and more creatively to opening your mind to a myriad of possibilities. But it’s not easy as pea. In fact, if you try too hard, you might end up dismally failing even more at the task. Here are some tips that might help you succeed at your efforts in meditating.

1. Mind your posture. Whatever your position is, your spine must be in upright and your head up. You wouldn’t want to slump, because this will result in your mind drifting away. A straightened up spine will lead to a more well-balanced state of mind.

2. Keep your eyes open and your gaze soft. If you close your eyes, you will have a tendency to drift away, perhaps even snooze. If you open your eyes too wide, you might end up being visually strained. It’s better for you to open your eyes, although a bit lowered.

3. Keep your focus. How many times have you drifted away when somebody else is speaking? Keeping your focus means being conscious throughout the meditative process. Don’t let your mind slip away and wander away; be aware of what you are doing. Be in the now.

4. Your breath is your anchor.  Just as a car cannot run without an engine, your breath is the center of your meditation, the anchor that tells the ship, your body, when to stop and when to continue. Pay attention to your breath as it naturally goes in and out of your body. No need to regulate it strictly, as this will make meditation even harder for you.

5. Let go of your thoughts. As you focus on your breathing, you will inevitably let slip some thoughts in your mind. Instead of trying to whisk away these thoughts, you might instead want to acknowledge their presence and gently let them go. Needless to say, forcing them out will only make things worse.

6. Let go of your emotions. Don’t even attempt to meditate when you’re at the peak of your emotions. Instead, focus on what your body is telling you. Focus on your clenched fist, the tightness of your breath, the tension in your nerves. Only by recognizing its presence can you stop being so entangled in your emotions and let alleviate whatever is bogging you down.

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