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Making Meditation Fun? It’s Possible


1357843782883_happinessIs making meditation fun possible at all? Don’t get me wrong, it’s still about doing wonders for your body, among which are deepening your mind, spirit, and body. But that’s not where its benefits end. It can also be an enjoyable activity. If the only thing stopping you from meditating is your misplaced idea that it’s not fun, then let me list a number of ways that will dispel that myth.

  1. Take 100 breaths. This may hardly sound like your idea of fun, but counting gives your brain something else to think about as the rest of your body focuses on concentrating on the exercise.
  2. Have a meditation nap. As its name suggests, this technique combines both meditation and nap. It’s all about closing your eyes, and simply doing nothing. AS you do, several things might happen. You might doze off to sleep, perhaps be inspired, or just simply let your worries disappear. This is relaxation in its prime form, where you have no inhibitions and even improve your concentration.
  3. Try the alarm clock meditation. Set the alarm clock for 5, 10, or 30 minutes if you will. Until it rings, allow yourself to go off and meditate. Treat it like a cruise: for the time being, you are allowed to wander off in different directions.
  4. Find your comfort zone. Your meditation time is your alone time; this is where you can release your inhibitions and just be yourself—especially if your day is filled with having to deal with annoyances and problems all the time at work. So be comfortable: sit in a comfortable chair, or lie on a mat. Choose a place of comfort.
  5. Make reward a meditation. Did you just accomplish a worthy feat? Do you deserve a pat on the back? Then by all means reward yourself with meditation. After undergoing a stressful but rewarding challenge, the best prize is for you to get back to your roots, sit back, relax, and just simply find your core.
  6. Fake it at the start. Getting into the groove is hard at first, for good reason. That’s because your brain will resist all attempts for you to meditate. So here’s what you can do instead: fake everything for the first few breaths. This is perfectly acceptable, as your brain shifts into a meditative mood. In no time, you will find yourself retreating and concentrating on meditation.

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