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Margaret Cho Meditation Techniques


“Just because you are blind, and unable to see my beauty doesn’t mean it does not exist.”

― Margaret Cho

Margaret Cho is a bold comedian.

She is also a meditator. On her blog recently, we got a taste of Margaret Cho meditation techniques for when you just can’t seem to focus your mind.

I am sure you have had many times when you wanted to meditate, but it just doesn’t happen. Here’s what Margaret Cho says …

Note- image of Margaret Cho by Derek & Margaret Cho, used with permission.

Margaret Cho Meditation Techniques

Sometimes I just can’t make myself do anything. And then I just sit here, feeling bad about it, my inactivity, my sloth. I guess then I am actually active, because I am sitting here, and I am feeling bad, so that is two things I am doing at once. The problem is I feel guilty. There’s a badness that I associate with inactivity, as if time cost something and I have to pay for it in sweat or at least movement or at the very least, shopping.

Now, just sitting and staring would not be considered “real” meditation in most traditions.

But when you think about it, just sitting and staring might be much better for you than watching television….or any one of the things we do each day.

Is the “Margaret Cho meditation technique” of just sitting and staring and putting your mind in neutral something you would legitimately call meditation?

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