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Mastin Kipp And His New Meditation Routine


Mastin Kipp's meditation routine helped him to follow his dreams

As a recent guest on Oprah’s “Super Soul Sunday” program, Mastin Kipp is a new and upcoming voice in the new thought movement.  He is part of a younger voice that is seeking the love and soul of each thing that we do, and his blog “The Daily Love”  reflects a new and fresh voice of those that are looking to find and live from that deeper meaning.

That said, he is still a person with issues of his own.  In a recent blog post on his site, Mastin shares that he has always struggled a bit with being a hyper kind of person.  Sound familiar to anyone?  But a time came when he realized that a small change in his work routine to help him clear a space for his creative writings.  Mediation helped him to do this.

Mastin Kipp And His New Meditation Routine

On top of that – meditation will continue to be my morning priority. Why? Because I truly believe that when we quiet the mind and listen to our heart and intuition – that we are listening to The Divine. And in that space, we are guided in a way that is not possible when we are simply going, going, going. We connect back to our Source, back to the Truth of Abundance and Oneness and our creative center.

I desire my writings to be meditation led. It’s still hard for the kid inside me to quiet his mind, but since I have been meditating, it’s as if I crave it more and more. And when I don’t do it, I notice a stark difference in how my day goes. Like A Course in Miracles says, “At least 5 minutes spent with the Holy Spirit in the morning assures you that it will run your entire day.” I spend more than 5 minutes meditating, but even as little as 5 minutes can have a BIG IMPACT on your life.  (Full article here)

This solidly reflects what we have been saying here on the Meditation Techniques site. 5 minutes is all you need to make a big difference in your life.  If not NOW,  when?  You will never find a better time to begin your 5 minute meditation routine. It can change the course of your entire day and help you to fit in the things you have been wanting to do.

That seems a bit strange, doesn’t it?  That you could spend 5 minutes doing something that could then really clear up the possibility of many things happening in your day…Yet that is the possibility you will find within meditation.  Follow Mastin Kipp. He knows what he is talking about! We promise!

Looking for an easy meditation to follow?  Dr. Kilstein’s 10 Minutes to Bliss might just be the start you are looking for!

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