How To Meditate

May I Have Your Attention Please?


We live in a society that demands instant gratification. From instant food in microwaves to instant entertainment at the touch of button. All this actually reduces our ability to focus. Cognitive therapist Amir Raz says that practicing yoga and meditation techniques are effective tools for building up the attention span.

By Peggy Curran, Postmedia News April 2, 2011 5:23 AM Meditation techniques such as yoga are effective ways to build your attention span, says cognitive psychologist Amir Raz. Amir Raz gets some funny looks when he talks about using hypnosis and

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Hypnosis is also recommended for other disorders that involve changing behaviors. It’s far too easy to pop a pill or mix some powder to help with smoking, weight loss and other addictions. In order to successfully eliminate these problems, behaviors need to be changed through the subconscious mind. Meditation techniques are similar to hypnosis in that you can reach an altered state of mind to create changes.


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