How To Meditate

Meditation Techniques To Get You Started



Here are some tips covered in this short video on getting your meditation practice going.  Of course, you want to start with making your meditation a daily event. Try to meditate as close to the same time every day as you can and in the same dedicated spot.  Also, consider facing North or East.

It is okay if your mind wanders.  Allow this for a little while, and then bring it back to where you are now.  Selecting something to focus on will help.  You can imagine something, or focus on your breathing or perhaps a candle or other object.

These are the basic meditation techniques that can be used to begin a practice.  You can also try Walking Meditations, or other moving meditation practices like Tai Chi or even Yoga if sitting still is not right for you now.

Trust your instinct and your body!  Let us know how your practice goes and we wish you the best!

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