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Getting Ahead In Business – EI vs IQ


Meditating can help you in the corporate world, too!

Meditation can help you reduce stress, have a more clear mind and it can also increase your compassion.  Even though all of these benefits have been widely discussed, meditation is still not a hugely used practice.  Why is this?  Would it be easier for people to adopt into their lives if it were presented as more of a science instead of a spiritual practice?  It should be thought of the same as other things people do to help their overall health and wellness.  Just like exercise, meditation has lasting benefits the more you do it…and the more you do it, the better you become at it.

This idea has been accepted regarding exercise.  In fact, how many companies offer gym memberships or other discounts to gyms or even on site facilities?  A lot, that’s how many, but you will have a really hard time finding a company that offers a meditation space or even the opportunity to learn meditation.

Getting meditation into the mainstream culture we live in might need a push from those that can show that it helps your EI, or Emotional Intelligence.  The qualities possessed by those with high emotional intelligence make better leaders and workers.

Getting Ahead In Business – EI vs IQ

Emotional intelligence, or EI, refers to your ability to recognize, evaluate, and manage emotions. It helps you understand your feelings and regulate them so you can use them to your benefit, not your detriment. EI also helps you empathize with people, since you can recognize their emotions, and communicate with them effectively.

Psychologist and New York Times science writer Daniel Goleman cemented the connection between EI and success with his book Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ.

According to Goleman, 67% of the competencies required for effective leadership are emotional, including vision, adaptability, empathy, optimism and self awareness. (Read more here)

When you look at it this way, you can see how meditation is a great way to help you be more successful and get farther in what ever you attempt to do.  Because society places such a high value on profession and how well others do in business more than how well people are doing personally.  But how well people are doing personally tends to have an affect on how well they do in business.

Being at peace in your life, enjoying life and being able to think clearly and with an open mind will only help you to be more motivated to do your best when you are at work.  Not to mention that a state of overall well being will certainly make it easier to work well with other people in general.  Integrate mediation into your life and see if your income and work life don’t get better as well.

Not sure where to get started with meditating?  Check out Dr. Kilsteins’ 10 Minutes to Bliss!

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