How To Meditate

Meditate on ‘Negative’ Space to Shift your Perspective


Negative space is a good thing. Artists use negative space to define areas and to bring focus towards something else. They carefully leave the negative spaces and by doing so make the work feel more natural. Like leaving spaces between branches on a tree. Meditating on negative space is a great way to open up the left and right brain and get the complete powers of the mind working together.

In a figure drawing class years ago, I was introduced to the concept of sketching by focusing on the spaces in between concrete material — the negative spaces. I found this approach liberating. The results were so much more interesting. Now I recognize this technique as accessing the right brain, that part of us that manages our creativity and allows us to gain a broader perspective.

With the image of “nothing,” meditate. If your mind wanders go back to focusing on the void. Enjoy the sense of lightness, peace and expansiveness within you. Susan Scott Morales is a meditation teacher, psychotherapist, published poet, novelist,

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Sometimes we think of meditation as thinking of “nothing”. More often what you experience at first is a lot of thoughts coming into your mind. The key is to learn to focus on the space in-between the thoughts. When I thought about it this way it became so much easier. Between the thoughts is something like the negative space between objects, in an intangible way.

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