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Meditating with Friends


1411444720222_meditation-practiceMeditation has a lot of benefits but doing it with people who share the same goal and passion could magnify its benefits.


1. It deepens your relationships.

Group meditations are opportunities to bond. Strengthened by one cause, having people around as you clear your mind and reflect can establish stronger connections. This can also lead to a more regular and committed practice.

2. It widens your social circle.

Inviting people who are interested in the meditation practice gives you a chance to get to know them more. You might even be surprised by just how much you have in common, and after-practice interactions could help you find out!

3. It allows you to grow more.

The learning process works both ways. If you’re the instructor, you learn by helping people and guiding them in their practice, and if you’re a new meditator, having an experienced leader could potentially make your meditation practice more meaningful.


1. Outdoors

Being one with the nature and the present time can bring you wonders. Take deep breaths and appreciate the fresh air while you work your way through the session. Meditating in a natural setting could help you zone out and just focus all of your attention on the vibrant and refreshing energy of Mother Nature. Invite friends who love the environment and make the most out of this eco-session.

2. Yoga Studio

If you prefer to hold the group meditation in your favorite yoga studio, feel free to do so. Just make sure that you schedule your private session in a vacant time in which no classes are being held. You can either opt to lead the session yourself, or ask your yoga instructor to help your group out.

3. At Home

With a comfortable space, and relaxing atmosphere, you can hold the group meditation in your own home. The key to a successful session is to make everyone feel comfortable. Offer them pillows, and mats, or you could ask them to bring their own. Just make them feel at home.


You have to set a specific time and place. Just make sure to provide all necessary information before sending out invitations through mail or social media posts. Consider the background and preferences of your group in order to make the practice enjoyable. If you’re planning on having a theme, let every single attendee know. Spread the word by sharing how meditation has affected your life, and from there, people will be drawn to participate.

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