Meditation Benefits

Meditation, an alternative way of losing weight


Today, a lot of people are facing problems of being overweight or simply put Obesity. The quality of food that we eat, the lifestyle we have, the stress we get from work , all of these factors affects our eating habits.  We eat more what is convenient and easy to buy, not giving so much on the nutrients we get. What we feed our bodies are garbage. Yes, garbage in the guise of junk foods, processed foods etc.

If only our body can speak, it will definitely cry out “STOP ABUSING ME”. Come to think of it, a lot of us care more of our cellphones and other gadgets than our body and that is the sad truth.

To be physically fit, one should be of the right weight,  You should know what should be your ideal weight based on your height and probably even your age. To maintain your right weight, you should eat the right food and exercise regularly. The latter requires so much effort and sacrifice than the former. So the question now is, Is there another way of losing weight that will require less physical effort from our end? Yes, and this is thru Meditation.

Meditation allows us to free ourselves from stress and worries . It calms not only our body but also our soul. It  enables us to focus on things one at a time, preventing us from going into a state of panic whenever we are faced with deadlines and challenges at work .  It helps us control our cravings for food that we  are addicted to but is not really good for our health.

Meditation does not require any physical activities.  A person who had just finished one regular session will not experience the desire to eat unlike when one is doing physical exercise.  Remember, the more mobile we are, the more we get hungry. The cravings for food will not be there when you are already doing regular meditation.

Unlike any other exercise, meditation works even if you are alone. While alone in the quiet corner of your room, just simply enjoying the serenity of your surroundings and the company of yourself. No distractions from outside world.

So, if you want to lose weight in a very relaxing manner, try doing it thru Meditation. No hassle, all you need is an open mind and a comfortable position to start. It may not be as popular as going into the gym or jogging but definitely equally helpful. It is stress free.

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