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Meditation and ADHD; The Irony of the Practice | ADHD in Focus


Even when we know there are positive results from meditation, it’s true, we make excuses not to do it. What we learn from this article is that the unconscious mind has a say in everything we do and it will tell you you do not need to meditate today in order to keep you from dealing with something that is just under the surface.

If you feel meditation feels like torture to you, it is probably because it is something your body needs. How my practice transformed in sitting through discomfort.

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In the search for peace within yourself, often conflicts have to be dealt with before you can move forward. These conflicts can be about anything, feelings build up inside, they are sneaky and they hide and pretend to be something else. Life is so complex and like everyone else those who have ADHD also need time to process events and how we feel about them. I’m not just talking about traumatic events, it could be a conversation you had with someone that didn’t go as you had hoped, or a friend or family member that you are concerned about, anything at all that is causing you emotional discomfort. By continuing to give yourself the chance meditate each day to just let things out, you are working through your own feelings and acknowledging that you will not feel like bouncing around with joy everyday and that’s okay.

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