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Meditation And More


Having the "Attitude of Gratitude" will help you feel more peaceful

You are likely on a quest of your own that has brought you to look at meditation as a tool to help you.  You may be looking to bring more peace into your life, needing help with a medical condition, or on some kind of spiritual journey.  No matter what, as you become more centered and as you find more balance in your life through meditation, it may have occurred to you to ask what other steps you can take to further what meditating has brought to your life.

There are many things you can do, but starting easy and slow is usually the best thing to do.  So I am now offering the following advice from

Meditation And More

Some examples of simple changes that anyone can make to their lifestyle and to compliment their practice of meditation include:

  • The daily practice of giving thanks for ones blessings
  • Thinking of, and talking to God in devotional or loving way frequently throughout the day
  • Remembering the three C’s don’t Complain, Criticize or Condemn  (have you ever noticed that the happiest people do just that?)  (Full post here)

Whatever brought you to meditation, once you start to make that connection to the quiet within, it is highly possible it would be helpful to start taking other steps outside of mediation and into your daily life.  As you feel more peaceful within, it is normal to also desire that peace to show up in other parts of your world.  Doing the above will help.

If you so desire, make the commitment to mediation and more if you can.

Do you have other tips for bringing the feeling of peace into your life? Share with us in the comments below or on our Facebook page.


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