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Meditation and Awareness: Why the Two Go Hand-in-Hand


1388215263714_awareness-meditationWhat motivates you to lose weight and be healthy? Your immediate answers might be superficial—to fit into your jeans, to feel confident about yourself, to look at yourself in the mirror and feel happy about what you see. However, if you dig deep inside, you’d find that the real reason is for you to be truly happy. Your personal and emotional well-being will benefit if you start taking care of your body, and meditation will help reach your ultimate goal of happiness.

What is the link between happiness and health?

Being healthy means having more energy to do the things you have always wanted to do being confident to take on the challenges thrown at you. Of course,

There’s another reason why it’s important to look at well-being and health as the key to happiness. It will make you stick to your program. Because you have a bigger reason of why you want to be healthy, wouldn’t you be more motivated to actively work towards your happiness?

Lastly, by having your happiness in mind, you will be more conscious about your destructive habits and integrate healthy ones into your system. One excellent example is by including yoga or meditation in your health plan. This is the glue that will seal whatever physical progress you have done. It’s all about awareness and keeping a positive attitude.

How can awareness be achieved?

It will take more than occasional meditation and a healthy lifestyle to achieve the happiness that you want.  You will also have to be consistent. Sometimes you will feel negativity seeping through. When that happens, all you have to do is follow these tips.

1. Keep in mind that you are loved. You only have to look around you to realize that people care and love you. You are worth their affection, so don’t think twice about taking it all in.

2. Appreciate your progress.  You may take a step back every now and then, but take a moment to see how far you’ve come.

3. Feel good about yourself. In the end, no matter what your shape is, you’re you, and no one else can support you except yourself.

4. Stay close to people who love and support you. People who inspire you, push you to your best, and believe in you are the ones you should be connecting with.

5. Stay connected to that higher force of love. It doesn’t have to be a religion. All you need to do is to have faith and propel yourself forward, because there’s a higher force bigger and stronger than you that wants you to succeed.

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