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Meditation Can Quiet Your Mind


One of the initial obstacles to meditation is the inability to quiet ones mind.  It might be incorrect to think that you can start meditation and immediately have control over your mind and your racing thoughts.  Meditation is one of several things you can do to help you gain some control – but perhaps you should approach the entire thing as though you want to establish a friendship with your mind.

As with any relationship, begin by making an effort at simply getting to know your mind.  Know, first and foremost, that YOU are not your mind.

Meditation Can Quiet Your Mind

You are a human being with thoughts, with the capacity to think, BUT you are not your mind. You are the thinker, but not which is being thunk.

…Your mind can either be your greatest enemy or your greatest companion. It might be scary at first — acknowledging the noise in your brain. It’s okay. Everyone goes through it. We all  have to start somewhere. Find a teacher to show you how to do it properly. Yes you can learn how to do it on your own, DIY, I’m a huge fan and firm believer in creating your own experiences BUT there are some things you might miss out on that someone who has had experience and does it for a living. They might be able to teach you a thing or two. But remember, the #1 Guru is YOU.  (Read more here)

Again, as with any relationship, observe patterns.  In beginning to make friends with your mind, notice its patterns and how it operates.  Does it dwell on the past? Is it constantly running through scenarios and worry about the future?  What does it think about most?  Do you have an idea about where it learned to do that?  With simple observation and awareness, you can begin to ‘crack the code’ on your own mind and thus begin to deal with anything that comes up as a pattern.

As you begin too see your mind as your friend, you can then also begin to take care of it as such.  True friends take care of each other and support each other.  This relationship is no different.  Keep your mind clean, well fed, and give it plenty of love.

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