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Meditation For Everybody: What You Need to Know


.jpgDon’t you get tired of how fast-paced your life gets sometimes? You almost don’t have time to breathe and stop, as the amount of work you have to do piles up. The secret to improving your concentration and slowing down is right under your nose, and it can all be summed up in one word: chakra. Meditation will make you realize just how fast everything is. When you’re forced to drop everything all at once and concentrate for a few minutes, you will come to realize just how distracted you are in today’s age of multitasking and distractions. In the first few times that you meditate, you will realize how much you lack focus in your life, and how distracted you have been. And distractions are never a good thing for productivity.

For the sake of your own productivity, health, and relaxation, meditation is something that you need to try for yourself. What we know about meditation is largely a result of years of customs, philosophies, and practices over the years. Here are the basics of meditation to help you get started.

What do you need to meditate?

Meditation is a very low-maintenance activity, and pretty much requires nothing. You will need, however, your concentration and full focus. You don’t have to have a particular posture. You can do it lying down, or  sitting on a chair.

You might also want a quiet place, one where there aren’t a lot of sensory distractions that will get in the way. Too much clutter can get in the way of the experience, and might lead to difficulty as you settle in.

Another optional requirement is sitting gear. You can use a pillow or a zafu (some kind of a large mat), or a zabuton.   There are several kinds of comfortable sets that will serve as an excellent sitting gear.

What are the basics of meditation?

There are several ways to meditate, some of which may seem contradictory to each other. The most basic form involves sitting down, as you watch your breathe and allow yourself to gradually slow it down. The lengths of our exhalation must be relatively long, holding it in with depth and silence, all the while consciously watching yourself.

You will meet distractions along the way, like suddenly remembering an activity that you have to do. Whenever this happens, simply drift back and focus your senses and attention on your breathing.

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