Meditation Techniques

Meditation for Making Peace with that Voice in Your Head


Meditation can quiet the thoughts that are banging around in your mind all the time. The thoughts that create worry, fear, stress and anxiety. It is not so much about letting go of all thought, it’s about coming to terms with the emotions that are connected to certain thoughts, and then healing can begin.

It’s this incessant self talk that drives many people to meditation. If you’ve tried sitting on a mat with the goal of chasing this voice out of your head, you’ve probably discovered the relentless dialogue gets even louder. Sometimes our first time meditating is the first time we become aware of the junk we tell ourselves.
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We all talk to ourselves mostly inwardly but sometimes even out loud! We constantly tell ourselves that we aren’t good enough and other negative things. What meditation techniques do is teach us how to quiet those negative voices and to replace them with positive messages.

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