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Meditation For Motivation

Meditation For Motivation

This guest article — Meditation For Motivation — is by Jarmila Gorman.

Meditation For Motivation

Meditation For Motivation

It comes as no surprise that with all the stress and the hectic nature of modern working life, more and more people are turning to the ancient wisdom of India in order to find some balance within themselves. Many people feel that our modern age has disconnected us from our true purpose, that the pressures of work and money related problems are causing us to lose focus on what we should be aiming for – some sense of inner peace and a spiritual cleansing.

There is certainly some truth in this, and it cannot be denied or ignored that more and more people are becoming seriously ill and even dying from stress related difficulties with their physical and mental health. However, not so many people realise that meditation and meditative practices can actually very much compliment our modern lifestyles, and vastly improve our productiveness and efficiency, making us more motivated, more likely to think positively, achieve our goals and more likely to make correct, informed and balanced decisions regarding anything at all – work related or not. Indeed, modern technology is not necessarily the enemy of inner peace – it has seen the rise of many tools with which to help us harmonize body and mind, with meditative music, binaural beats and relaxing digital soundscapes being just the tip of an iceberg where technology and ancient wisdom meet. But how can meditation really help you to achieve your goals in the workplace?  The meditation for motivation described below has proven to be very effective.

One effective way is by making you more motivated, more confident and more clear minded  – something which can be easily achieved through a mantra of affirmations coupled with deep relaxation and concentration.

 Overcome apathy

One of the major reasons why people don’t achieve their goals is due to a lack of motivation, and too much apathy or doubt surrounding their own abilities. We are all capable of amazing things, but far too often we allow self doubt and a lack of confidence get in the way of what we really want to do in our lives.

This is not just true for our working life, but in love and every aspect of what we do. We all need to stay focused on our goals, and convince ourselves that we are more than capable of achieving them. Concentration and avoiding distractions is key as well, and these two assets to your personality can be well exercised and developed through any meditational practices.

If you want to learn how to boost your confidence and gain more self-belief, then you simply need to follow some basic steps.

 Using Affirmations: Meditation For Motivation

Once you have gotten yourself into a relaxed state of mind and body through some deep breathing exercises, maybe with the help of some meditative music, begin focusing on what it is you want to tell yourself.

The most effective forms of motivational affirmations come in sets of pairs – for each thing you want to bring into your life (e.g motivation), you need to let something go which is stopping you from achieving it (doubt, frustration etc).

Once you are close to a meditative state, begin telling yourself on each inhalation that you are accepting your motivated side, that you invite positive thinking and motivation into your body and soul.

As you exhale, try to imagine vividly that you are exhaling and releasing all your doubts, fears and frustrations.

Continue telling yourself what you are bringing into your life and releasing on each inward and outward breath until you are in such a deep state of meditation you cannot continue to focus on anything at all except the blissful feelings of release.


About Jarmila Gorman

Jarmila is a writer in the personal development niche with a strong – and ever-growing – desire to help people create their dream lives. She is a passionate student of the amazing abilities and potential of the human mind. From her lifelong love of athletics came an interest in finding out just what the words “limit” means; and how to get the mind past its whining to push on and do more. Years of ultra-cycling and an attitude of “bring it on, I can do this” have honed her ability to overcome self-imposed limitations in other areas of her life, a skill she now shares with a worldwide audience. Jarmila is a writer with a goal to inspire you to LIVE your life, on purpose, out loud and with a big smile on your face. You can find more of Jarmila’s articles on meditation at the Silva Method Life. When she is not writing, Jarmila is outside taking photographs, hiking the Colorado mountains or cycling to the far horizon.

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