Meditation for Weight LossNo less than 60% of Americans are considered to be obese or overweight. Sales of diet books, diet supplements, and diet foods have skyrocketed, and yet this trend persists with little improvement in sight. Nonetheless, there is one effective method that is rarely considered, and yet, has offered significant effects to health- meditation for weight loss.

Meditation has been employed for centuries for numerous purposes. It has been utilized as an instrument to deepen spiritual connection, as a form of relaxation and stress-relief techniques, and as a means to heighten self-awareness. Researches further reveal that it can help in alleviating conditions such as insomnia, anxiety, and pain. Now, more recent studies show that meditation can also help with weight loss just as well.

Basic Meditative Procedure

Meditation for weight loss can be simple. At the beginning, you can merely sit and put your attention on your breath. Usually, it is helpful if you would count your breaths at the start so that your mind can be easily put into silence. Now, if you find random thoughts coming to you, you can just slowly let them go, and redirect your focus on your breath. Once you have spent enough time on the breathing exercise, you may try some visualization that will tie you in with your weight loss aims. Do this by imagining yourself performing an activity you enjoy such as playing tennis or simply strolling down a sunny beach. Illustrate in your mind your own self doing such activity in the slender body you intend to achieve. Feel how weightless you are as you run or walk in that slim and fit body, and how effortless it is to move. After this, concentrate on the positive feelings that you have about the body you just imagined, and observe how self-assured you feel. Focus on this visualization for the rest of the meditation for weight loss. Finally, close the program with a prayer or any positive affirmation that you like.

Eating Meditation

Another effective meditation for weight loss is the eating meditation. This method basically involves paying your sole attention to nothing except for the food in your mouth while you eat. Find a quiet place with no music or TV to distract you. Start by picking up a small chunk of food, and then studying it closely by observing its colors, smell, and textures. Contemplate everything that took in bringing out the food in front of you like how the seed was planted, how the earth nourished it, how the farmer harvested the plant, how it has been brought to the market, and so on. Be grateful for all the efforts that entailed, and then take a small taste of the food. Keep it in your mouth for a moment and try to experience the flavour and the texture as it spreads in your mouth. Slowly chew the food and continue on attending to all the tastes as well as sensations. Finally, spend at least five minutes every meal for this meditation for weight loss, and rest assured, you would notice a shift in your connection with the food.

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