How Meditation Has Helped Jennifer Aniston


1394435054649_jennifer-anistonMeditation has helped people—celebrities included—deal with a lot of issues. The latest Hollywood star who can vouch for its effectiveness is no less than future bride Jennifer Aniston, who has not allowed all the wedding stress to get in her nerves, all with the help of meditation.

Jennifer Aniston certainly has a lot on her plate. Aside from the wedding preparations, Aniston is also busy shooting her latest film. Through all these, yoga has helped her remain centered.
So, how exactly has yoga helped the 44-year-old star?

1.      Yoga has given her the mindset that everything is doable.

Through all the crazy things activities lined up, meditation has done one favour for Jennifer. As she told E! News, it allowed her to approach the day, knowing that everything is doable. There may be a crazy amount of work to do, but Jen has been able to go through all of them with yoga!

2.      Yoga has helped her be centered.

According to her interview in Marie Claire Australia, yoga meditation has changed her life and that she feels off-center whenever she is unable to do yoga. True enough, yoga is known for helping people center their thoughts and feelings—and the same holds true for Jen!

3.      Yoga has helped her achieve work-life balance.

Her schedule may be busy and packed, but that hasn’t stopped Jen from achieving work-life balance, as Jennifer has been able to take care of herself, maintain health relationships, and achieve a successful career through the help of yoga.
We’ve only heard great things about yoga as far as Jennifer is concerned. How has yoga helped you?

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