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Meditation Increases Self-Esteem


Meditation can really help you connect to who you are...helping you build self-esteem and confidence.

Both meditation and yoga can help with your self-esteem. Taking a yoga class can help you feel a sense of community as well as offer a way to keep your body healthy and fit.  Many yoga studios include a short meditation within the class and yoga itself is meditative in nature. Learning to “tune in” to your body can help you to feel more connected, and thus, more aware of what might be going on with you. In this way, you can be an active participant in your own life. When you feel that you are in control and doing the best to you can do, your confidence rises.

Specifically, though, meditation increases self-esteem can help you by offering you a tool to deal with the stress in life. It provides an outlet to cope with issues that come up and helps you to release any bad feeling or negativity. This helps you to then see options or opportunities more clearly.  And that will always make you feel better, about yourself and about any situation that presents itself!  How else can meditation help you?

Meditation Increases Self-Esteem

Increasing Self-awareness

It provides a tool for recognizing your feelings and letting them pass. Instead of staying a place of discomfort, you can accept a feeling and then it go.

• Connecting you to All Beings

Meditation increases awareness of not only your own thoughts and feelings, but of everything around you. It helps you to see the connection between all of humanity, even people who may try to make you feel bad about yourself. This awareness of connectedness can help you accept who you are.

• Restoring Sleep

Meditation makes it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep instead of ruminating over problems. When we feel refreshed and our minds are clear, we are better able to see things for what they really are.  (Full article here)

Meditation is an important tool that you want to integrate into your life.  If you are a young person or have young people in your life, share the benefits of meditation with those around you.  Even very young children can learn to deal with life and with others in a very different way when meditation is introduced into their lives.  It is a centering exercise and will help you to learn more about yourself and help you to stay grounded in the moment.

Meditation increases self-esteem in many ways – and helps you to connect with who you really are. There is also no “one” way to meditate, so try many different methods until you find the one that is right for you.

Don’t have a lot of time for meditation? Try Dr. Kilstein’s quick and easy “10 Minutes to Bliss” meditations!  LIKE and share this post so that others can learn about the benefits of meditation, too.

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