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Meditation for Your Kiddies


meditation for kidsKids these days are no longer as free-spirited as they used to be. Because of technology and increasing pressure (even kids are required to be geniuses and are sent to school as early as a few months old!). It therefore comes as no surprise that children experience as much inner noise as grown-ups do. Sure, they don’t have the same load of responsibilities and duties from making sure there’s food on the table to paying the bills, but it’s a common misconception that they have none at all. And for a child, at a young age, to carry such weight without proper ventilation can cause some serious problems as they reach their growing years. The solution is quite simple and have been under your nose the entire time: meditation.

            If you are a parent, and would like to raise confident children without the inner psychological and emotional baggage, try practicing meditation with them every once in a while. Teach them the basics and help them internalize and absorb the peace and tranquility the world has to offer. This can be a great start for them to grow up stress-free and filled with enthusiasm and optimism! You never know how a good few minutes of meditation can do wonders for your kid.

            Are they too young to meditate? Do they truly understand what meditation means? Let’s take a look at some of the excellent reasons that justify the appropriateness of meditation for younger kids.

1. Meditation is all about cleansing and centralizing your thoughts. As children have the innocence and purity that get “polluted” by worldly desires as they grow up, there actually is no better time to start meditation than at a young age.

            2. Some deep-seated psychological problems can also be averted using the technique such as: stress, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), anxiety and panic attacks, Insomnia, and restlessness and aggression. These are some of the serious problems many children face when growing up without anyone or anything to release their negative thoughts to. With proper family guidance, meditation may just be the activity your youngsters need to be mentally and physically healthy!

            3. Meditation can also help kids realize their inner selves and in turn give them a better sense of their identities. This, along with awareness of their surroundings, and better handling of stress can help them give a sense of comfort in who they really are. Match this with a healthier body and a more peaceful state of mind, your kid is sure to take on the world with a much better and clearer understanding of life.

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