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Some find it difficult to make meditation a practice. Usual reasons are that they just can’t seem to focus or that they don’t know where to begin. It is true; meditation by yourself (especially for someone who’s just starting out) can be extremely hard. Here is where “Surrogate Tapping” comes in.

1403204405788_eFT According to, “Surrogate (tapping) is the application of the regular Emotional Freedom Techniques on a surrogate or substitute. It is also called “Proxy Tapping” because of the substitution of another person for the recipient of the tapping.” This form will require another person in order for you to achieve the level of inner peace that you desire. Surrogate tapping also works well when you can’t seem to rid yourself of anxiety and inner turmoil.

The surrogate that you will have will replace yourself when it comes to digging even deeper within the remnants of your thoughts. All you will need is your full and undivided attention, listening to the voice and internalizing it as the same time. But, the work cannot only be a one-way street. You must also want yourself to find the serenity your surrogate is helping you search.

There are many different ways from which this practice can be done. It can be personally, where both of you are in the same room, or over the phone, and even by videos in the internet. Nevertheless, here are some characteristics that you should look for in a surrogate.


Knows how to detach from own emotions.

The whole session is for you, always remember that. Try to find substitutes who, as much as possible, leave their own emotions and opinions out of the process of tapping. Corruption of unwanted thoughts can only hinder the effectiveness of the process.


The surrogate must treat every client differently.

Not all who seek help by surrogate tapping has the same problem. He/ She must always suit or work in a way where you can most easily respond to. The mood, his way of speaking, and words he use are usually the biggest factors of this characteristic.


There must always be constant feedback given.

This is very important especially when the tapping is done over the phone. The proxy will not have any clear idea if the process is working or not based on actions and posture, so he/ she must always be keen on asking you for immediate reaction to test your attention and responsiveness. This will then be used to adapt to further tap into your own psyche.

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