How To Meditate

Meditation Made Fun–Some Cool Techniques You Should Try


1395775825583_bubblesFor those whose lives have been reduced to meeting deadlines and coping with the stress of day-to-day living, meditation is easily the answer to bringing back the joy that has been lost in their lives. However, many people think of meditation as boring or unproductive, when it doesn’t have to be a chore. In fact, those who benefit the most from it are those who find joy and appreciation in it. Once you accept meditation for all the goodness that it brings in your life, you will start to feel its benefits. If you want to put a touch of excitement and fun in meditation, here are a few techniques you might want to try.

1.                  Meditate while popping bubbles.

Before anything, make sure that you are in a comfortable place, either seated on a chair with your feet firmly planted on the floor or in a lotus position. Start by closing your eyes and focusing on your breathing. Calm yourself by taking five deep breaths.

This is where the fun part start: whenever you exhale, visualize yourself exhaling light bubbles. Imagine each one as a bubble of joy—and giggle as you pop each one after the other. Pop all the bubbles that you can, and feel the stream of joy flowing through your fingertips. It’s perfectly fine to laugh uncontrollably as you pop an enormous number of bubbles.

After satisfying yourself with all the bubbles you were able to pop, slowly bring yourself back to reality. Peel your eyes open, and allow yourself to be showered with happiness.

2.                  Practice gratitude.

This meditation technique isn’t fun per se, but it will certainly allow you to be more positive. As you wake up in the morning, before getting on with your day, list down all the reasons why you are grateful at the moment. Once you’re done, go over the list, read it again, and keep in mind the reasons why are you are grateful. It doesn’t stop there. Right before you get to bed, you should close your day by listing down the reasons why you are grateful for the day. Do this 10 minutes before you sleep, and you will see an incredible difference with how you go about your day. Ultimately, your problems will drastically lessen, and you will find yourself feeling much better.

Life is too short to waste on being overly anxious and worrisome. Embrace the fun part of life. By meditating, you will soon discover the reasons why life should be celebrated.

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