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Meditation Methods That Make You Smarter


It seems like everybody knows that meditation is the best way to handle and reduce stress.  People have been meditating for thousands of years, but it’s only recently that science has turned to examining meditation methods that make you smarter.

Brain scans are proving that a regular practice of meditation can improve the physical structure of your brain … boosting your intelligence … in as little as six weeks.

Meditation Methods That Make You Smarter

meditation methods that make you smarterWhile people have been meditating for thousands of years, it wasn’t until the 1970s that scientists started focusing on its brainy benefits. Numerous studies suggest that regular meditation (about six hours a week) may actually change brain structure . Scientists have found meditation is associated with a thicker cerebral cortex and more gray matter — i.e., the parts of the brain linked to memory, attention span, decision-making and learning. But a year of silent meditation isn’t always necessary. One study found people who meditated at least once a week for four years showed increased cortical gyrification , the folding of the cerebral cortex that helps people process information .

It’s still unclear how meditation actually changes the brain, but some scientists say devoting complete attention to one specific object or thought actually alters our neural networks . And just remember, these studies don’t imply meditating will cause any changes in our brains, just that these cognitive abilities are associated with meditation.

Other research skips the brain scans and suggests some practical benefits of meditation. Om-ing is connected to better concentration and multitasking skills — things some of us might wish for when losing focus on the job . Researchers think meditation helps people deal with interruptions and work on multiple assignments more efficiently. Meditation can also help students battle stress on exam day, possibly boosting their academic performance . Read more:

Recent research has also revealed that various meditation techniques and methods will work better when matched to your personality.  Fortunately, there are many different meditation methods that make you smarter… so make sure you try at least several different schools of meditation. 

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