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Meditation In a Minute: It’s Possible!


1395774823503_Trying-to-meditateSome people are just too busy that taking a couple of minutes to relax is a luxury they can’t afford. If you’re too caught up with your busy schedule, here’s a gift you’d surely love: sixty second of inner peace. 60 seconds of meditation is all you need to stop worrying about the multitasking that you have to do, or the pile of chores crammed in your schedule. 60 seconds may brief a little too short to be true, but it has been proven that even just a brief minute of solitude can provide the much-needed break you need in your life.

Modern times have dramatically changed in that results are expected to be delivered at unprecedented speed and juggling several activities simultaneously is commonplace. Unfortunately, the fast-paced lives most of us are living have resulted in a lack of appreciation for life. Many of us have stopped appreciating the beauty and vibrancy of life—from listening to the chirping of birds to appreciating the sun rising and setting with each passing day.

All you need to do to appreciate life a little bit more is 60 seconds. For 60 seconds, allow yourself to live in the present, concentrate on just one thing, and slow down. Ultimately, this will pay off, as you will find yourself in a more serene and peaceful state of mind.

Here’s a three-step calming meditation technique that will surely benefit you:

1.                  Release your body. Quickly scan your body, and release the pain one muscle area after another. At first, you will find this difficult to do, but by consistent practice, you will be able to do it much quicker.

2.                  Focus your breathing. Once you’re in a relaxed state, start focusing your attention on your inhalation and exhalation. In that brief moment, you will be self-aware of your being. And whenever you find yourself veering away from focus, simply breathe yourself back into the present.

3.                  Return to yourself. After the minute has lapsed, bring yourself back into consciousness by feeling your fingers and toes. You’re ready for the tasks of the day ahead, with your renewed sense of strength.

There’s no time limit to meditation. You can meditate for as long as ten to twenty minutes. At first, you might encounter difficulties wrapping up your meditation in just a minute. But if you consistently meditate, you will eventually find yourself mastering the art of meditation and relaxation in just a minute.

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