Meditation Benefits

Meditation is for Real Men!


1400096075740_deep-meditationWhen you hear the word ‘meditation’ what is the first thing that comes into your mind? Is it Buddhist monks chanting “Om?” Is it that new age hippie with long hair? Or are those the snobby rich people who go to some fancy meditation center?

Although you’re right, you’re not completely right as anyone (read: including macho men like you!) can engage in some quiet and peaceful meditation.

And just in case that you are still unconvinced, here are a few reasons why meditation can help you become manlier than you are now.

1.                  Warriors meditated.

Yes you heard me right. A lot of warriors hailing from different cultures meditated for a sharp mind and a brave heart. Ancient Samurais are good examples of this as they meditated about death on a day-to-day basis to condition themselves to not fear it when they battle.

2.                  You can meditate without having to close your eyes.

If you’re the busy kind of guy who thinks he has no time to meditate, well there’s this type of meditation called active meditation. The Father of Evolution Charles Darwin and philosopher Immanuel Kant practiced this by pondering on ideas during their daily strolls.

3.                  Meditation allows you to take a break.

A man’s life is fast-paced. Sometimes, too fast-paced that everything gets caught up in a jumble. If you take the time to free your mind from the stress that your fast life is giving you, you’d be a cooler and calmer guy.

4.                  It helps you focus.

Have you had those days when you cannot seem to concentrate on anything? Like your mind is drifting away from work or school or social interactions? Perhaps you would need a nice meditation session. It helps you lengthen your attention span and would help you concentrate better on the things that you do.

5.                  It would make you a manlier man.

I know that this is the whole point of this list but if you take the time to meditate, it can help you be comfortable in your own skin – without having to be bombarded with advertisements telling you to buy this or buy that in order to make you a man.

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